Monday, 29 April 2013

A Hotel with a Heart

Sivakumar, Arindam and the rest of the Oakwood Premier team pose with the braveherats at PRC, as they tuck into their delicious desserts
Our soldiers at PRC have come to associate Oakwood Premier with some of the yummiest cakes and ice-creams they have ever tasted – it could be Lemon Cream or Fresh Strawberry Muffins, or any other unique flavours. Bringing this treat is an enthusiastic team from the hotel.

This is certainly a hotel with heart, because they help a wide range of social causes ranging from orphans to destitute women. While Sivakumar, the dynamic Director Human Resources, scouts out the social causes, it is Executive Chef Arindam Bhattacharya who executes the ones which fall in his domain…yes, anything to do with food.

“We have helped many other causes, but I especially loved helping Team Miracle because I found they were the only organization helping our injured soldiers. These bravehearts gave the best time of their youth to help the nation, and now that they have suffered such grievous injuries, we should not forget or neglect them. I felt so happy that this simple act of mine brought a smile on their faces,” says Arindam, who, along with the entire Oakwood team, spent considerable time chatting and interacting with all the jawans at the Paraplegic Rehab Centre.

The Oakwood Premier team was especially overcome after their interaction with Flight Lieutenant Anil Kumar, who has been paralysed neck down. In spite of his acute disability, Anil adroitly manipulates the computer with a special pointer, and is a published writer of repute. “This officer has such tremendous courage. We were all amazed at his determination, will-power and innovative spirit. Meeting him has changed my life. Whenever I am in a tough situation I now think of him, and feel that this is nothing compared to the challenge he has to undergo every single day of his life…at least I have two hands and legs, and a body which works fine. The truth is that I feel that I have received much more than what I have been able to give,” says an emotional Arindam.

For this entire team, helping is a spontaneous act. “It is a call of the heart. You can plan your career, you can plan when to buy a house, but an opportunity to help someone comes but rarely, and one must just grab it when it does. It gives me tremendous happiness of heart and mind. This is real SOUL FOOD,” beams this culinary expert.

Hotel Oakwood Premier, we at Team Miracle thank all of you, the generous GM who gives the green signal so promptly, all those who have come to PRC, and even those who worked behind scenes to make these memorable sweet occasions whenever we have asked you...we look forward to many more such sweet memories!

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  1. Fulfilment comes from selfless service,and being of use to someone,without any expectations.Thats what I love most. The joy of giving, of yourself,& your time,is very rewarding,and helps to sleep peacefully at night.This is the anthem of my life.