Friday, 20 December 2013

A Child with a Golden Heart

Aliyah with her Mom and Dad - a family with the right values

Let me introduce you all to Aliyah Kuvawala, 12, a student of Std VII. Aliyah is a great swimmer, and has won many competitions. But for me, she is unique, because of her keen interest in helping the under-privileged.

Four years ago, when she was just eight, and could barely understand the concept, Aliyah helped us collect bundles of newspapers as part of our fund-raising activities for CPAA (Cancer Patients Aid Association). She went round to each flat in her society, urging the residents to donate their old papers to help the poor patients who didn’t have enough money for treatment. The earnest little girl must have made a strong impact, because the result was a sizeable collection.

But it’s what Aliyah has done now that I find truly amazing! A week ago, she was invited for a ceremony by a Rotary Club. They wanted to felicitate a few children achievers - in her case, it was swimming. Aliyah came home with a goodies-bag, which contained (to her surprise) a cheque for Rs 3,000.

“Wow, I can buy a swimming costume,” was her first reaction.

“Well, we’ve always got those for you, so you can buy anything else you want with it,” said her mother Moushumi and Father Moiz.

“In that case, I’d like to donate the money for a cause,” came the swift reply.

Next day, the money was handed over to me, neatly packed in an envelope!

At Team Miracle, we were in the process of collecting money for Sarva Seva Sangh, to fund their Mid-day meals for street-children. They also have about a hundred children in their shelters, whom they educate, and they needed essentials like lunch-boxes.

Moushumi, a Manual Physiotherapist, has always been an active member of Team  Miracle. While it was she who had encouraged Aliyah to take up the newspaper-collection drive, she also helps generously with our children-related activities. When we decided to have a Christmas-party for cancer-affected kids in a hospital, Moushumi funded some goodies. When we expressed a desire to take fruits on a weekly basis to the children in Maher, Moushumi sponsored the amount.

Not for nothing do they say, “Don’t worry that your children don’t listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” In this case, Aliyah has certainly watched her parents closely, and picked up good values from them.

We wish this generous family all the best! 

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