Friday, 29 March 2013

Following in Mother Teresa's footsteps

Suchismita hands over packets of fruits and sweets to the patients

Suchismita doesn’t know it, but she is one of the reasons for our name Team Miracle (and also one of the first to hop on board).

This was more than two years ago. We were holding a Music Program (our second) for the cancer patients at Command Hospital. We wanted to take along some fruits for the patients, and were looking for sponsors. Sometimes, plans, even well-intentioned ones, don’t work out…and this was one of those occasions. We tried a lot of  people, but somehow the response was negative. And when two days before the event, I was still without a sponsor and feeling pretty low about it, I got a sudden phone call from Suchismita. And guess what she had to say?!

Yesss, she and her husband Jayant wanted to fund this event. When her voice came floating down the phone line, I found myself thinking ‘What a miracle!’

With the generous amount they handed us, we managed to make wonderful gift packets for each patient - with fruits, chocolates and even a small juice carton. And both Suchismita and Jayant came along to listen to the music and then to mix with the patients, talk to them and spread some cheer. Since then, Suchismita and Jayant have become active members of Team Miracle.

Suchismita is a silent doer. She is an ardent environmentalist. Her home is a delight in green planning, with plenty of natural light and breeze factored in. She also maintains a lush garden. I especially love her veggie garden which thrives on her kitchen waste.

Always active, always doing something, Suchismita’s description of herself is short and crisp, “An ex-full time mom, part time entrepreneur, free-lance writer, avid reader, animal lover, teacher, yoga enthusiast-  like every women, I don many avatars. I like many of them and when opportunities to try a new one come along, I try it on for size. I find interesting stories in everyone and try and share some inspiring ones with the world.”

Suchismita follows the dictum of Mother Teresa - “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”  

And the beauty (and miracle) is that – we too are inspired by Mother Teresa’s words. As she says, “Mita and Team Miracle were an opportunity to discover that 'good' need not be measured in  quantities, like the number of people you have helped or how much money, time or other resources you can put into helping. They gave (me) the opportunity to live Mother Theresa's words.”

Thank you Suchismita and Jayant, I know that I can count on you.

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  1. Wonderful!! When you are such a lovely person, good things are bound to happen for you!!!