Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Not disabled…but doubly abled

Proudly showing off their cache of medals

These guys at the Paraplegic Rehab Centre have come back from a Sports Meet for the Disabled held at Nagpur in February 2013, covered in glory.

(from left to right)
Rindol - 2 Bronzes in shotput and discus
MB Thapa - 2 Golds in shotput and discus and a Silver in javelin
Anil Lankhede - 1 Bronze in javelin
Md Faijazal - Gold in shotput, Silver in discus and Bronze in javelin
Thiru Kumaran - Silver in javelin and discus, Bronze in discus
VP Maske – Silver in shotput and Bronze in javelin
Suresh Kumar Karki – Gold in shotput and discus, and Bronze in javelin

They may have suffered serious spinal cord injuries, they may be paraplegics and quadriplegics, but what is certainly not affected is their high level of enthusiasm and morale. Of course, maintaining this attitude is the main focus of the entire staff at PRC, ranging from the Director to the Admin officer and every one of the caretakers.

Sports form a major part of their daily itinerary, and every evening is devoted to various forms of sports Basketball, Throwball, and races. Now Badminton too has been added to their repertoire with Team Miracle member Vikram Saini gifting money to construct a mobile Badminton court.

“It is your ability, and not your disability that counts,” is the motto of PRC, and these guys prove that where ability is concerned, they are doubly-abled…and with double our energy levels.

How many of us can compete with them and win?! How many of us can even keep up with them?!

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