Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Frozen in Time

Sipahi Babban Zore

Can you list your achievements in the last 33 years? Can you enumerate the number of new people you have met, the new things you have learned, the progress in your career, the places you have travelled, the growth in your personal life – marriage, children. So many things have happened to you; how far your life has progressed in these three decades!

Not so for Sipahi Babban Zore. For the last 33 years, from 20 November 1979, Babban has been lying in bed, paralysed neck down, totally relying on an attendant for even his most basic daily needs. On that day, Babban was training for an Army exercise in the jagged mountains of Jammu & Kashmir, when the Army vehicle he was travelling in, fell into a deep ravine. Babban received serious injuries to the spine, causing total paralysis. He was only 22 at that time.

Every two hours, a caretaker comes and turns him around…this is to prevent formation of bedsores. Every three hours, a caretaker has to help him empty his bladder with the help of a catheter. But in spite of his disability, Babban rarely loses the smile on his face.

We salute men like Babban who give us a whole new perspective of life. We also salute the caretakers who perform such tasks with care and affection, never losing their patience.

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