Monday, 14 December 2015


Three cheers for this young helpful doctor!!! (Nidhi in black jacket, at right)


Recently, when we had a Mega-Sports event at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Dr Nidhi Agarwal raised Rs 25,000 to buy sports equipment for the Badminton champions at PRC. A few months before that, we were raising money for stationery items for the kids at Sarva Seva Sangh. Nidhi helped us raise a solid amount for that too. When we organised a Music Show to raise funds for Sarva Seva Sangh, she was the first to buy a block of tickets, for her entire family, even though there was no way she could attend because of her busy clinic timings. When we organised a function for our cancer survivors at CPAA (Cancer Patients Aid Association), she sponsored the gifts for all the patients. It was Nidhi again who helped me to sell the beautiful paper bags made by the women of Maher as an income-generating activity. 

Nidhi and Utkarsh at Ganapati celebrations
Dr Nidhi Agarwal and her husband Utkarsh have, in the last two years, become one of the most helpful friends of Team Miracle, raising funds for every activity and organisation that we support, and spreading the word about our work. And this year when Team Miracle took up additional avenues in dealing with Solid Waste Management, to try and ensure a Clean Viman Nagar, Nidhi was the first to pledge her plastic, and even motivate others to start the activity. During Diwali, and later for birthdays the young couple have made it a practice to gift grains and staples to Maher or Sarva Seva Sangh.

Nidhi - organising a Christmas party for her little patients

A busy doctor who runs a clinic, Nidhi hardly looks like one, with her stylish cropped hair, her elegant attire, and the soft, sometimes almost inaudible voice! No wonder then that all her patients, even the littlest ones, are totally at ease in her clinic with nary a hint of fear or discomfort, a feeling many doctors seem to evince! And when this doctor organises a fun Christmas Party every year, with games and toys and chocolates, they look upon her more as a gift-giving Dr Santa.

Nidhi with gifts for our patients at a CPAA function

Being a doctor and doing good works seems to run in the genes, because her grandmother was a doctor, and her entire family has a helping attitude, something she absorbed just by observation.

“I always wanted to have my own clinic, so that I could heal people,” she says, narrating how her first patient was a tiny 3-mnth baby who had a severe case of wet eczema. “She was being treated by another doctor, but even after weeks of treatment, her sores wouldn’t heal, and were oozing pus and blood. I cleaned up her sores, and gave her some homeo medicines. In three days there was a difference and in seven days she was completely cured.” And for this, the young doctor charged not a single rupee, something which happens with unfailing regularity. Having seen her father help his workers and their children with money for food, and education, Nidhi too makes it a point not to charge patients from under-privileged backgrounds.
A true sport – bringing cheer to our PRC badminton champs

Nidhi says that meeting me was an inspiration, and it’s motivated her to enlarge her areas of social work…but for me she is like a Miracle addition to the Team that we call Team Miracle!!

Thank you Nidhi and Utkarsh, for all that you both do, in spite of busy schedules :) !!!


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