Thursday, 5 November 2015

Leading from the front

GM also lends a helping hand at serving 
Hemant meets our bravehearts at the Paraplegic Centre

Leading from the front – Hemant Tenneti, GM Courtyard by Marriott, Chakan

Courtyard by Marriott, Chakan, has always been one of the most enthusiastic and generous helpers of Team Miracle, and spearheading this attitude is General Manager, Hemant Tenneti. Not a month goes by without a (as they call it) ‘Spirit to Serve’ activity, with at least one of the various NGOs that we support. What is even more amazing, but totally heartening is that the donated amounts are always far, far beyond our expectations!
Of course, as we all know, it’s the Leader who sets the trend for the rest of his Team, and here at this Hotel - it’s Hemant!  I think we have lost count of the number of deluxe Lunches and Dinners that Hemant and his Chakan team have brought along to Paraplegic Rehab Centre. And these are always supplemented with some really super gifts for all our sports champs! In fact, our bravehearts at PRC have also formed a special bond with Hemant, so much so, that they invited him to hoist the flag on Republic Day.
Lending additional value is Hemant’s wife Reshma, who also turned up for one of the PRC events.  Reshma chatted animatedly with the soldiers, and in a short while seemed to know everything about their families and hometowns.
Hemant also has a soft  corner for our street kids at Sarva Seva Sangh. He has invited them innumerable times to the hotel, where they are treated like five-star guests, seated and served in their exquisite banquet halls…and then loaded with expensive gifts.
We are also especially thankful to Hemant for having taken up another cause – of providing Nutrition Packets for the many HIV+ kids who are supported by SSS. 

Reshma Tenneti hands over prizes

Reshma too serves lunch, garnished with love 

Hemant is one of the most quiet and self-effacing (but most effective) persons I know. So I sent him a few questions for our Blog. Here are his replies (unedited):

  • Why did u help out so readily with PRC for Team Miracle…and then with Sarva Seva Sangh?Two reasons: Firstly, it’s an essential part of Marriott Business Council strategy to contribute to the community in the best possible manner.
  • Secondly:     PRC , the first time , I was not sure what to expect, but that place is in a different league. It is not for residents of PRC that we do what we do, it is for our own selfish motive to be honest. The inspiration to live life has a different definition there! And personally I have tremendous respect for the Armed Forces (Reshma is from Armed Force background as well). I think whatever we can do to thank them, we should and still it won’t be enough.
Same case with Sarva Seva Sangh, the minimum we can do is to bring smiles on those faces, you guys are doing the rest!!

  • What else (or who else) would you like to help out? Honestly there is no bucket list made !! Anything that I feel strongly for !
  • What are your other interests …as regards ‘giving back’?At some point in time in my life (hopefully soon !) I want to teach areas where it’s a challenge to find teachers, the future lies in educating people and passing on knowledge and I will be thrilled to be a part of it !!

  • Ur philosophy in life?Very common ones !!!Work hard, be honest to yourself, focus on the process excellence and not results, and love your family.
  • Anything else you wish to add?
  • Life becomes very meaningful every time we work with you. You guys do an absolutely amazing job. Thank you for everything,
Hemant, we from Team Miracle, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your immense help and kindness!!!

The Chakan Marriott team - smiles of satisfaction

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