Sunday, 30 December 2012

Preeti Barry, my sarathi

Preeti Barry

Each one of us has our own unique strengths. Each of us has the power to bring in changes in our own special way. Each of us renders important help in unusual ways.

Preeti Barry, our newest Team Miracle member, is that special person. She has been a generous sponsor in so many Team Miracle events – when we were giving festival gifts to the caretakers at Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, and again when we needed a sponsor for the Sarangiwala program at PRC.

But Preeti, with her cheerful smile, performs an even greater service. She is my constant companion with her huge Innova, helping to ferry me and the large cache of gifts and stuff that we carry with us. Preeti loves to drive, she’s a great driver, but to me she’s much more than that. She is my charioteer, my sarathi – just like Sri Krishna. It’s an honour that she bestows upon me.

Thank you Preeti, for being always there, for always making time!

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