Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Enthooz – our music band!

Enthooz - rehearsal in progress

One of Team Miracle’s first activities was to hold Music Programs at the Paraplegic Rehab Centre, Artificial Limb Centre or at the Cancer Wards of hospitals. Nowadays, we have tie-ups with various schools, and music and dance academies, who volunteer wonderful programs. But it all started as an in-house family band – my husband Anup who plays the mouth organ, his brother Amitabh on the guitar, his wife Neelima, and Art Based Therapy practitioner who is a wizard on a variety of unusual instruments and last but not least – Neeti Kaikini our vocalist, (whom we have nicknamed our Nightingale  because of her beautiful voice).

Fired by our enthusiasm for making music and spreading cheer through music, Neeti has nicknamed us the ‘Enthooz’.

Our regular get-togethers at Amitabh-Neelima’s home to rehearse our Golden Oldies songs are a real picnic. Sometimes. Their kids Mohit and Shubha also join in – Mohit on the tabla, and Shobha on the keyboards. And after the rigorous four-hour session, Neelu rewards us with a scrumptious lunch (or dinner if it’s evening).

Now that’s a great reason to have a Music get-together isn’t it?

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